2008 Mazda Miata MX-5 Questions

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I let it down it went half way and will not go up or down. It is stuck
My nc Miata leaks in heavy rain and it only happens behind my driver seat. I just want to know how to fix this problem.
Hmmm. How do I change the cabin air filter on a 2008 mazda mx5?
The deck motor was replaced, but the same problem occurred the second time we tried to put the top down.
The lock works fine but you have to use the key because there is no button to press to lock the door. Is there a way to replace this rubber button without replacing the entire handle and lock system? The dealer says that I have to replace the entire assembly and it will cost me almost $500 for the repair
I just paid $1,500 to replace the vinyl top of my Miata. The Handbook said tops should be replaced every 8 - 10 years; my 2008 Miata top started tearing on both sides (seams splitting) in 2012. Nobody can give me a reason why: no repair man will patch it. Is this a major design flaw in the car?
water marks on it [indicating water leakage] .. why would i have water on the floor behind the passenger seat [in the back .. not the front of the seat] ? i've had the car since January, and this just happened a couple of weeks ago. i checked the rubber stripping on the door & it seems fine.
2008 mazda miata auto transmission. How is the fluid changed?
ON the t/m pan has 2bolts, one of those is the refill bolt???
i dont have a manual. yellow light went on today. what does it mean looks like hand upside down harp with exclamation mark inside.
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