2006 Mazda Miata MX-5 Questions

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2006 mazda mx5, 50,000 miles.
Engine light came on 2 weeks ago. Checked code and it comes up with the knock sensor, wiring, and ecm.
Wiring is too new to have any problems and there shouldn't be anything wrong with the ecm or a different code would come up for that. Tried locating the knock sensor and I can't find it. Like I said, the engine light comes on and goes off same day or every other day.
Also, I've been having some hesitation in power when applying the throttle going into 4th gear.

They look like fog lights but don't seem to have any switch to control them
I bought a turbo charger kit for my 2006 Mazda Miata MX-5 touring I needto know the cost to have it installed
It is running fine but i have been told too many different mileges
the soft top drain system is defective in the 2006 and 07 miatas. mazda will not do a recall or pay for the replacement. my car floods every time it rains. need to know the total cost of replacement. thanks.
It's only been on since this morning and it isn't flashing, it's staying on. It only has less than 15,000 miles. What could this mean? It seems to run fine.
Has been in garage over winter but started once in a while. I use premium gas. What else could be wrong? Does light come on at a certain mileage just for maintenance?
Have changed out battery and still does not start. It was running fine then just stopped
Will mot start anywhere
Just bought a 2006 MX-5 .I would like to be able to throw a dounut in the truck for longer trips for piece of mind. Any suggestions as far as fitting into truck and onto car . Currently have (17 inch )tires. THANKS!!!
I have a engine check light that comes on about once a week, engine code P2402,I have replaced the gas cap with a mazda brand.
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