2003 Mazda Miata MX-5 Questions

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I have recently had an issue with my vehicle loosing a little bit of oil is coming from the rear driver side of engine it kind of looks like is coming from a allen head bolt or the around plastic cap thing on the back of the valve covers the car has overheated one time when the radiator blew any ideas do I need to replace the head gasket or what
About 2 weeks ago, I had to jump off my car. I had the battery checked. It showed full voltage, but charging was low. Now when i start the car, the en mobilize light comes on, but does not stay on. Just wondering why and what problem might develop?
How do I get it to turn off?
new owner of a 03. just realized there are drains behind the top of the seats and they are not draining. any suggestions would be appreciated.
thank you. alan
Engine starts fine but sputters and quits after 5 - 10 minutes running time. After resting a couple minutes it starts up again fine but quits again. The car sat in storage for 6 months and has 31000 miles on it. Fuel stabilizer was added before storage.
was a little sluggish lately starting then yesterday cranked over but no start, jumped it went bought new battery and installed and not even a glimmer of a light or any kind of juice, will jump start but when dies or turned off...NOTHING at all.
My check engine light just went on today. My car has 55000 miles and looks and runs great! Any idea as to why the CEL?
What is the best oil rating for my 2003 mazda miata
What is the best oil rating for my 2003 mazda miata
How do I change the oil filter? I can't see it from under the hood. I just upgraded from my '92 Miata. I enjoy doing my own maintainance. Please suggest the best oil filter. I generally buy them from Wal-Mart
Thank you, Pat
about how much should it cost to replace a front wheel bearing in a miata?
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