2000 Mazda Miata MX-5 Questions

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The auto open/lock ability was lost after a battery jump.
Hey guys
Need a point in the right direction.
The fuel pump wont prime when i try to start my car in the morning or night. I relaced my fuel pump last year and thought my fuel pump relay took a crap so i bought one earlier this afternoon put it in around 5 when is warm and thd car fires up. Turned it off and on a couple of times to see if the problem was fixed. If started every time no problem. Now its 930 and its cold outside and the car doesnt want to start. I dont hear the the fuel pump come on for the 3 seconds when the car turns over and i dont feel the relay click when trying to start the car. Starting to the ecm is not grounding for the fuel pump. Any help will be a appreciated. Thank for reading.
Replaced that side outside pad twice in 30 days after replacing caliber,line,and hardware
Should the oil level be check when the engine is hot or cold?
the light did work when I first got the car but it hasn't worked for weeks now .
my Miata is starting hard I put in 4 new NKG plugs and new coil packs also a new precat
coil pack were replaced 300 miles ago also had new cat installed 300 miles ago
steam was pouring out the left side of the motor
the door will not open with a key or by using the manual door lock inside the car
It only has 19000 miles on it. In addition, it needed an O2 sensor and a tuneup including a engine ignition coil.
I call myself checking the timing when reinstalling the timing belt.
how much will it cost to replace my clutch and it needs full tune up ? it has 90000 miles .
I would like to change my transmission fluid on a 2000 SE Mazda miata 6 speed . All the manuals and internet show a square fill nut on the drivers side . The only square nut I found was on the passenger side up high ,is this the fill plug and how much fluid will it take ? I also plan on changing the 2 rubber shifter boots ,I can see the large one is damaged. Thanks for any help .
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