1994 Mazda Miata MX-5 Questions

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this happens every time
Also has a shudder at approx. 60-65 mph at intervals of approx. 2 seconds. Started after replacing 2 back tires. I took it back in and they said the balance was fine.
would i have to change the wiring harness and computer
or electric shift
I live in area code 10011. It looks like silicone is preferable to rubber. ANy reason not to use it in a Miata?
this has been the oddest problem for me because not only does the air condensor flood my 94' miata passenger floor (purchased month ago)but also my 2000 dodge ram truck! on both vehicles have had hose blown out that lasts a short time...any more help or suggestions much appreciated....passengers get wet feet!
Checked entire system but everything else is fine
Sorry I didnt clarify the sensor. I just need to know where the temperature sensor is at on a 1994 miata. thanks
Just need to know where the sensor is at. :)
Just changed the thermostat
has gas, plugs fresh
Engine runs very hot even after only 10-20 of engine ..ten inches straight down from windshield the worst... Console also very hot. Normal things check out ok. This has been going on for a long time....years ....but seems to have gotten worse. Thanks.
I was told it was my speedometer cable
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