1991 Mazda Miata MX-5 Questions

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Fearful of breaking it if done wrong.
It has a bad miss the piston isn't firing
Fuel & air filters replaced. New plugs& wires. Mechanic replaced coil packs. Now car won't drive. Do I Need a New intake air control valve? Prior to these repairs my car would stall when stopped at light or stop sign. Can not drive out of the shops parking lot.
Always at 4200 RPM, doesn't matter what gear I'm in. What could it be?
the ignition? I can only get them to stop when I disconnect the battery.
after hitting a pot hole, had someone diagnose a tie rod problem
corrected the batery, now the car is dead, what needs to be fixed?
I replaced the clutch slave and master cylinders myself. However, for some strange reason after replacing them and attempting to bleed the system, the clutch pedal won't build any pressure. Also, when opening the bleeder on the slave cylinder no fluid comes out, but I can feel air moving in and out with the bleeder fitting open if the clutch pedal is pumped. I don't understand what is causing the system to not bleed or gain pressure.
I have a 1991 Miata mx-5. recently it began to have a performance issue. It seems like its missing, Idles rough except when revved to about 1500 to 2000 rpm the it runs smooth. Let off the gas when the revs fall below 1500 it seems to run like it is missing again. It drives and seems to have power but runs like its missing till you coast and take the load off the engine. I changed the spark plugs. The set that came out...the two front were grey, the two back were black and sooty. The exhaust is clear not smokey. Any Ideas or suggestions would be appreciated.
If slave cylinder needs replacing, will transmission have to be removed and how much labor is involved?
she was driving home and she lost power to the windows and ac and she drove about 20 miles befor getting home but when she turned the car off she cant get it to start now.
Our local dealer can't seem to provide me with the right one
after i replaced the radiator there was no spark coming fro mthe spark plugs and no fuel coming from the fuel pump but before i replaced the radiator the car ran fine, any suggestions??
if i touch the clutch pedal just slightly niose stops, some times ringing niose will not start, but 9 times out of 10 it starts as i rev engine, if i rev engine and just slightly push down on the clutch about3millimetres it allways stops ringing even when driving
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