1990 Mazda Miata MX-5 Questions

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what part do I need to order

clutch repaired..,will new plugs help..i recently changed air filter...would timing belt contribute to this? seems like gas mileage is less than it was. drove the car all winter in Chicago.... appears to have major rust on bottom of each side ..fenders.

had clutch recently repaired.
especially in hot weather..the
housing where the stick shift is gets very hot..very hot to touch..

My car has 180 thousand miles on it. It sounds as if its knocking once it warms up. Then you hear it continually at 60mph... My oil pressure is at 30 please someone help me. I love this car and don't wanna tear it up

I checked the fluid in the clutch and it is full

I have checked the clutch cylinder and it is full

sometimes i feel the need to turn lamps back on then off again to to hasten it finally closing

But it starightens out after you get going.Runs great on top end.I have check plugs and wires..I hope its not the key hole in the crankshaft .Is that expensive to replace?

This happens every time I turn on the air with the fan on. The car has over 168,000 miles. Please help because it is extremley hot here, 120 degs. in Lake Havasu, Az.

I'm trying to restart it but it will not follow thru, it crank but it will not go all the way.

This just started this summer. Car would drive normally for 10 to 20 minutes then die. After letting it set for 10 to 20 minutes it would restart and drive rough for about 1 block then die again. Spark plugs and wires were replaced last year. I have replaced fuel pump and fuel filter and MAF. Now it won't run at all...only idles! Any suggestions?

As above - however if anyone has a manual to email me that would be brill!