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first scan showed p0101, p2177 and p2187. i replaced both O2 sensors, and MAF sensor, now only codes 2177 and 2187 show up. they hooked up the diagnosis machine and o2 sensors are working properly. I went to the local mazda dealer to have a computer flashed and it still comes on.
can anyone help.
When a/c is turned no fan. Also overheats at idle.
it is well serviced and it was totally fine.battery checked and found good.key remot is fine .the doors open by the remot ...lights works fine but the only problem that it dosnt even goes to on position.fuse box checked and all fuses and relays are good...please help
I have a 2009 mazda 6 (V6 grand touring - push start) with about 60k miles. Had an 06 mazda 6 and never had any issues so I don't even know where to start. It started with the engine not wanting to turn over or taking awhile to do so. Called the dealership and they said no big problem they could get me in next week. As I'm driving home today I start to smell sulfur but thought it was from the construction site I was going through. It doesn't go away and my car still smells like sulfur (rotten eggs) hours later. I try leaving the house a few hours after I got home and my car now won't turn over at all. I try again like the car manual says and now it isn't turning over but I also can't get it to turn off. The engine isn't on but the battery has everything powered, dashboard is all lit up, lights/radio/AC are all on and the push start will not turn the car off. I turned what I could off but still I know it will eventually drain the battery.
Honestly don't know anything about cars and take it to the mechanic when a light comes on; so I'm just trying to see if there is a way to get my car started, if it is safe to drive, or if I need to just call AAA to tow it?
Any help is greatly appreciated. I have a starter box to jump start it in the morning but I didn't know if you could undo the battery while the car was on. Don't want to blow anything up.
This started after the bearings were changed. The ABS and DSC light are on.
About 10 days ago the dealer changed the transmission fluid. Now after about 20 minutes of driving the cars smells terrible. I pulled the dip stick on the transmission. The fluid looks much cleaner but the smell is horrible. I usually do this job myself, so I know what transmission fluid normally smells like. Does Mazda transmission fluid usually smell like vomit?
When the parking brake is engaged, the release button is extremely difficult to depress (I had to use a soft-faced hammer once.) to get the parking brake to release. I need to know what the repair entails and an estimate of the cost. This is now occurring all the time and we are no longer using the parking brake.

Thank you,
Hoping to find out the location of the thermostat on this beauty, it is a 4 cylinder 2.5
Battery (car and keyless remote) was checked out fine (car) or replaced (remote). About every 4th or 5th start it won't start. Dealer can't seem to figure out the problem. What's likely? Have extended warranty. What can we make them check that they would not want to?
I have a new 2009 mazda 6 S grand touring after about 2 months I started to hear a rattling noise coming from the front end ,not sure if it's coming from the engine on light acceleration. I took it to two different shop's and both are saying it sounds like bad gas, so I changed gas stations and still getting rattling noise.The checked the heat shield and did a diagnostic test everything is fine they said. I don't know what else to do.Has anyone had a similiar problem and found a solution. Please help.
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