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I have a 05 Mazda 6 2.3 l manual 5-speed when Revenue 2 gears the rev limiter kicks in about 4 grand what will cause it to do that
It only starts knocking at higher RPMs
What seems to make the problem better or worse? No
How long have you had this problem? It just started
The car will drive but after stopping it the engine cuts off and it has to be pushed to start up again
will drive and not cut off but will after stopping in traffic due to a traffic jam or at a stop light.
What seems to make the problem better or worse? When it has been running a while
How long have you had this problem? a few weeks
I have a 05 Mazda 6 and just about a month ago I realize my car was making a ticking noise so I checked the oil and it was dry so I added 3 quarts and the ticking noise is still there. The noise gets louder when i push the gas. Can anybody tell me if I blew a rod or if it could be my lifters? I never worked on a car before so I have no clue how to check anything lol
Was advised to replace head gasket do to issues with them
I am getting the code po340, it looks like the cams have jumped time, i have no spark. I have possible bent valves. I have blue booked the car and I am unsure that it's going to be worth the cost it'll take to fix it.
Replaced both CV joints 3 years ago. What's making the grinding noise?
How do I get the jam out had leakage into area
How to fix oxidized headlight lense to clear the lense.
Just bought car 3-8-16 it stop due to overheating down the street from the car lot. Put on new thermostat,fan relay,engine coolant temperature circuit sensor, and t hose was broken got a new one. It's still overheating, my fiancé thinking of putting on new fans because they aren't coming on when the vehicle run hot. Not sure if fans should be replaced.
Went through a water puddle that was deaper than expected. Car died a few seconds later and wouldnt start. Next day i pulled the plugs and let them air out for another day or two. Finally got it started again and now there is a loud ticking near the left rear of block more towards the top. Haven't driven the car since then and need some sort of logical answer
when I start the mazda 6 2005 it shuts off the when I keep trying and trying it stays on until I put it in drive or in reverse please help please help
Engine sputtering spitting
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