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Light stays on
I have replaced battery, I get no Errors from PCM, and have tried everything I can think of to no avail... O2 sensor, Cat, Evap and EGR are all not ready... How can I tell my PCM is even ready to start drive cycle and what is the drive cycle process.... I've driven many cycles from internet and it's been 2500 miles
it is using oil but no leaks and it surges are launges out when going slow are at stop sign
Why does the engine rattle even when it's on Park and I accelerate there's a rattle in the engine compartment
Just replaced the VVT Sprocket and the timing chain, Finally able to start it but now it has a major Nocking/Ticking sound coming from the top end. any suggestions as to what it might be?
how variable valve timing actuator adjustable settings ?
bought car used,no spare key, need AAA every time son locks key in car
Transmission was replaced a month ago, has trouble shifting into first gear Only when the AT light is on. Shifts great after 30 40 mph. I was told it will need to be reprogrammed by a mechanic & another mechanic informed me that the 2004 models do not have to be reprogrammed. Any suggestions?
My car has been misfiring used to show multiple misfire random and now only cylinder 2 and now a p0420 code I changed spark plugs and wires and coil pack now I need to replace o2 sensors but which one should I replace ?
Like a minor crunch sound. It's noticeable but slight.
I'm considering this purchase but I want to go in with eyes open. Seller states that it can be fixed with replacement spark plugs but I'm betting there are other potential causes. I have an OBDII adapter tied to paid Torque app but the car is somewhat far from me. Any recommendations?
Happens mostly when car is idle or a/c is on. It will crank back and doesn't happen all the time, but enough that I am nervous to drive. Have taken it back to dealer but they don't see a problem. The transmission has never been flushed. car has over 200,000 miles. does this have anything to do with it?
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