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i connected them direct to the battery and they kicked on. i disconnected the temperature censor unit and they turned on. the temperature gauge reads in the middle. it will not go any higher, but the water boils out from the reservoir. i am thinking the thermostat is stuck and will not let water through. i am stuck on this. please help.
My code is reading cylinder 3 misfire I am just wanting to replace that cylinder since, I had a tune up done about 9 months ago thanks
the passenger side failed first then the drivers side.
Last week I took my car in to get several oil leaks fixed, including a gasket they had to take the entire thing apart for, and spent 15 hours on. 3 days after it was fixed, I start driving and the car starts jerking and the check engine light comes on and starts blinking- I slowed down, but even at idle it was running roughly, still jerking, etc. It finally settled out but the light remained on. Today, I turn it on and nothing. Smooth running and no light. I find it something of a coincidence this happens three days after the engine was just partly taken apart. I have previously replaced spark plugs and ignition coils, and the symptoms reminded me of the spark plugs, like a fuel injection issue, but I don't know enough to really know. Could this have something to do with them putting it back together improperly?
When should I get my brake pads replaced?
When do you replace the Timing belt?
The car is burning oil and a head gasket is shot. I am trying to decide to repair or buy another car.
The car overheated, check engine light was on, Code P0126 (Coolant Temp insufficient stable operation) was set twice, and Code P0128 (Coolant Temp below regulating Temp) was set. Any ideas as to the likely culprit for all 3 events happening?
batery last changed in jan. engine rebuilt over winter
three lights come on & you can not accelarate while driving down the road
Hey iv had my mazda for two years now and it just recently started giving me problems.the problem is when the car shifts into second from first.what happens is the rpms rev out and the the trans feels like it slams into gear.I've looked every were to try to find an answer.
I have a CEL and I was trying to pull the code up. I tried two different scanners and both would not connect. I checked the pins and they all look good and solid. I checked my cig lighter fuse and its fine. then I disconnected the battery to try and get everything to reset. Still will not connect. Good thing is I no longer have a CEL because of the battery disconnect (for now).
What else can I check? Any suggestions?
Is this the same issue that an Actuator is replaced for? Car sputter when first start and press throttle and nothing. Once Car warmed up idol was fine and driving.
Aren,t the Purge Control Valve and, Purge Control Canister two distinct items? Where are they located?
I took it to Auto Zone. He put the reader on it for the Battery and Alternator and he said it was readin low.
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