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My car has been lowered with lowered springs and I was told by a mechanic that the reason from the rubbing was "probably" because the driver's side front strut is leaking oil. He then suggested that I have the strut replaced but also it's not a guaranteed fix.

When he was showing me this I noticed there was probably a miscommunication between him and the receptionist because I said the rubbing was happening in the back of the driver's side and not the front. You can actually see a lot wear on the face of the back tire. He didn't realize this but continued to suggest it's still probably the front strut that needs to be replaced. He said once the front one was replaced that the back tire wouldn't probably rub anymore.

This problem started when I changed that tire to the original size. I had 2 wheel alignments with a smaller spare tire located in at the drivers backside and I was thinking those wheel alignment with smaller tire has caused the rubbing thats happening now. Is this possible? I've heard that you're supposed to change struts in pairs so I'm not trusting this guys judgment.

I have a 2003 sedan mazda 6, the floor has 2 plugs, one of them fits in the 2006 hatches seats, but the other one doesn't, and I believe that is the plug for the electric motor, I was wondering is there is a fix for this
Started yesterday. also a/c not blowing cold air
I need exactly what part is wrong
Replaced throttle body W/ 86K mile used Didn't fix Replaced fuel pump/ filter
My mazda6 starts goes in gear without having to step on clutch however the tires seems like there stuck and won't go! Is it my clutch or ??
Over the last couple of years, several times by now, my car goes into low RPM mode and I have to restart it to continue driving. Always the same code - P2110 - Throttle Actuator Control System - Forced Limited Engine Speed. So I decide to give the throttle body a bit of cleaning.Take off the air hose and look at throttle place. It's a bit dirty, but nothing too horrible. I turn the ignition on and put a dumbbell on the gas pedal to open the throttle plate. I find the throttle plate mostly open but vibrating nervelessly. Then all of a sudden it just fully closes and then opens and continues to vibrate. Is this normal? Is the vibration normal? The closing? I don't think so. Seems like the system looses throttle plate position. Am I wrong or is it time to replace the throttle body? Here is the video I took of the throttle plate vibrating:
Engine is making a steady clank sound. It's rough but I know my oil pump is pretty jacked up. But anyway, is there such a thing as an oil strainer for this vehicle??? I can't find it anywhere on the net.
set a po2088 code i changed the oil control valve doesnt seam to pull code anymore but still will not start.Cranks over fine and tries to start but will sounds like fuel pump is coming on
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