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The AC stopped working after a short road trip a couple nights ago while we were sitting in a drive-thru. The next morning, it was working for a little while, but it stopped again while we were driving. It hasn't come back on since. Is this a coolant problem or an electrical problem? Thanks.
code po763 shift so`lenoid c electrical pending

Was pulling out of parking garage yesterday and put car in reverse took foot off break car preceded to accelerate
Second time this has happened. 2 months ago same thing
Purchased in July 2014 couple months later noticed tire pressure light on. Took in for service to dealer found nothing wrong rotated the tires light went off.
Light back on a month later
They want to put in a new engine.. I dont think it should have failed.. Any advise?

I have a 2010 Mazda 5 with 78,000 miles It had a loud rattling noise in the engine during acceleration. I took it to a mechanic and they said the timing chain was shot. They replaced the chain, the tensioner and the VVT (not sure if that is the same as the tensioner). They said the noise is still there and that the bearings were bad, causing metal shavings top appear in the oil and that I needed a new engine.
When I first put battery in car honked but was off. Immediately installed it correctly tried to start it but it clicked once windows, headlights, A/C works radio and interior lights don't and it won't start. I need help.
could be mouse
Droaning appears to come from rear,& intensifies with speed.Sounds like rear end diff. is going if it had one.Back tires are 60% with wear showing on insides of both.Could it be the tires?
steering shakes while driving at 60speed
I'm considering buying the Mazda5 2010. I've noticed earlier years have problems with tires being worn out quickly and also complaints of expensive brake repairs. Also, earlier models needing alignments often. Anything about these past problems in the 2010? Thanks.
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