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I have a problem with my 2008 mazda 5 vehicle, it keep telling me that I have a problem with my AT but no mechanic knew how to fix it, I know its the AUTOMATIC TRANSXALE , but I don't know how to fix it, what is the problem exactly and how I can fix it!?
I'll be glad if anyone could help me!
This happened after the battery and ECU were disconnected and reconnected. I had an auxiliary LED lamp installed and had to take out the battery and ECU to have access to the firewall where the wiring went in. That night, it was the first time I noticed the radiator fan on when normally it won't (A/C was off). The next day, the gauge went all the way up but no signs of overheating. No engine warning light and it runs normal. I plugged in an OBD sensor but no fault codes.
My car overheated and I'm trying to find out what I need to do to fix it
Not very consistent, but sometimes the A/T makes very rough down-shifts. I notice it most at around 30mph.
It seems like there is not enough weight on the front wheels for the low profile tires to have meaningful traction on slick roads.
Hi, So for the last 3 days my car has been noticably slow to start today it began the same with the guages jumping all over and clicks, but this time it wouldn't start. I only tried it a few times and gave up. I noticed that the power windows work so not likely the battery/alternator. Is it more likely starter or starter switch or?? and how can i do this in the least expensive way? I don't have a mechanic currently. I haven't had the battery checked yet and don't want to call roadside assistance until i know where to have them take car..
On park position,the car not start and the light in dash is off. At the begenning, this trouble is intermitent but now is always there. I don't ajust the SELECTOR CABLE but the nut are very tights.

Can you hel me ??
Every time the weather turns cold the side van doors freeze shut
When in reverse only the rear breaks make a hard grinding rubbing noise. The dealers says breaks ok. But still not acceptable. Mileage 85000 km. 4years same brakes
In cold weather the sliding door will not close.
Due to an internal failure I need to replace the engine (extended warranty won't cover it). A new Mazda engine is expensive ($4000) so I'm trying to find alternatives. I know Ford and Mazda are similar, so I was thinking -- is there any Ford engine that is compatible with a Mazda5 engine (manual transmission by the way)?
Thank you!
Temperature dial runs high
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