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I think it might be blown but I'm not sure one day I was listening to music and it didn't stop working till I was driving home and I noticed it sounded weird
driving up to NY from DC car was fine the after going up a hill it would rev hi--5,000 rpm, but no acceleration over 40 or so. I shut it off for 20 min, added STP gas treatment. Car ran perfect for the rest of the trip and ever since. Could it have been bad gas?
No lights and No codes, as per dealer 3K miles, also had fly by wire failure 2 times again intermittent. Also have had Dealer is saying never heard of any problem. Has anybody out heard of issues like this? Also have a jerking going downhill with no pressure on gas.

Last week I bought a brand new Mazda3 Hatchback. Only 6 days later the check engine light went on. I immediately brought it in to the dealer. When they started it to take into the service bay, the engine sounded horrid.

Long story short, they ran the computer and at least 5 codes popped up, originating, they think, with the oil pressure pump. They said neither they nor Mazda corporate had ever seen anything like it in a brand new SkyActiv Mazda (their words).

Has anyone else experienced anything like this?

At this point they are going to replace the oil pressure pump. I am not satisfied with this, fear long-term damage, and would like them to replace the car. It is only 6 days old.

Any thoughts or info is much appreciated. Thanks!
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