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Shakes a lot.
I hear this noise everyday.
The noise is coming front of the car like there is something loose.
Headlights burn out after 2-3months. Same for backup lights.
When I start the vehicle, there is a noise coming from under the hood, kind of like a swiping noise from a belt maybe? (not screeching or ticking.. but a swiping) It about 2 miles from when I turn it on, and after a while it goes away. This happens every time I start the car. Also, when I start the car, it struggles to stay on. It immediately stalls and then I turn it back on, press on the accelerator and it stays on from there.. One more thing, when I turn the wheel (even parked) I hear a reaming noise for anyway I turn it.. Is that normal? What can all of this be???
Iv just full serviced my car n no the check engin light is on n car is missfire but if i drive its it runs ruff till its over 2.500 rmp.
also i have had 2 fuse blow in the past month one was the back up light and the other was name stop but it for the break light and all of the break system.
How can I negotiate them down?
Front-end is causing uneven tire wear. This is a repeated problem, and I am told the struts are leaking. (I didn't know they could.) I figure they may get in there an find more problems with the suspension. Should they also be looking at the rear?
They tell me I need all new tires, because belts are showing, new front struts, and a 4-wheel alignment.
Advice, please on what to ask, how to negotiate a better price, what else should be looked at, etc.
Every time I start the car, when i press the brakes to put into drive, the illumination on the radio face goes dim and the parking lights come on. At night when i turn on my head lights it makes a click and I don't have to press the brakes to put in drive the gear shifter moves freely also when my headlights are on I can't use the cruise control Once I put the car in drive and turn on the lights the brake light in the hatch stay on the whole time I'm driving Before all this started happening my tail lights had burnt the lens assembly so i replaced them (both sides) Ordered brand new ones and within 2 days they started doing it again installed led bulbs and no problems in May someone wrecked into me and I had to replace the drivers side back door and Im wondering if the body shop could have crossed some wires or something to that effect
replaced bulbs and lens keep burning lens and going out
the rattling in the rear that is so impossible to find is a part of the coil spring has broken off and is laying in the cup. All of these springs are defective. you can see a corrosion line where the steal should have been solid. Mazda should own the problem. Shame on them. It's no wonder most mechanics can't find it, you can't see it. you can only find the problem by feeling around. Feeling around in the cup will produce a substantial piece of spring. My noise is gone, but I need to replace the spring. Now to find a spring that doesn't have the same manufacturing defect
rotated tires and changed front brake pads, rotors are good and thickness of rotors <.001" TIR. vibration reduced significantly after tire rotation, but still present. any linkages to be checked?
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