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I am trying to find a fuel leak somewhere near my gas tank. Whenever I fuel up, I leak gas from somewhere between the tank and the side of the car. The Check engine light is on and it throws the code where the gas cap is loose. Is there anyway I can test the fuel system to see where the leak is?
What seems to make the problem better or worse? When I fuel up my car.
How long have you had this problem? Months
ngyayari ito pag dinagagamit yung sasakyan tapos pinagawa ko na ito pero bumalik uli yung problema pero pinalitan nila ng ecm, barometric sensor
AT light on, but no check engine light or code thrown. Runs fine otherwise. Have replaced all engine/AT mounts (3), speed sensors (AT and engine), and transmission solenoids (D,E), along with new fluid, filter, etc. Tends to go into reverse easier when warmed up. Any ideas?
When i signal left it blamks once and then it stay on or sometimes it just go off and i dont know what to do anymore. ...please help me please
AT light comes and stays on, this happens every now & then when 1st starting car in morning, then after driving awhile and restarting the car the light does NOT come on.
Was driving in rain and wipers just stopped. There in the starting position. Checked for fuse under hood, there was no fuse that i could find. Trying to determine if fuse, switch or motor.
with 115,800 mi
This car has around 135,000 miles on it and has a rebuilt transmission from a couple years ago. The check engine light has been stuck on ever since. Recently, but not consistently, the car will lose power steering. It is usually when the brake is just being applied, then the radio goes off momentarily. During this time the power steering light comes on and the power steering ceases. This only lasts a second or two at a time. Some days it happens several times during a single trip and then not again for a few weeks. Can be scary when it happens during a turn. Thankfully, the car can be steered under manual power if necessary. Is this probably an electrical issue? Is it a documented problem?
My check engine light came on and I had the codes ran and it came up 'Cylinder 3 misfire'. It has been rough idling, using oil and terrible gas mileage. This weekend, I replaced the valve cover gasket, plugs, and coils. Reset the check engine light however, 5 minutes down the road it came back bright and blinking. Any suggestions before I breakdown and take it to someone to run diagnostics?
There no voltage
Stuck on a certain temperature and won't allow me to increase or decrease the degrees
Not sure if the noise is a new problem or just a consequense of have the air con unit taken out of the car.
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