2011 Mazda CX-7 Questions

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No check engine light
Car runs good no misfire
One in a while when come to stop vehicle cut off
Please help
Ac stops cooling, then not
Back & forth
To be able to see I have to use my brights. Don't want to do this. Also, they keep going out frequently; about every 3-4 months. Very expensive to have one side replaced.
The AC Usually Starts To Work And Blow
Cool Air After (10) Minutes. Sometimes
The Car Will Have To Hit A bump In The Road.
The immobilizer in our 2011 CX-7 has locked down our car in our own garage three times now. It is a locked garage, so we are reasonably certain it was not activated in a theft attempt. The dealership has been slow to provide a solution, they reset the immobilizer and send us off without providing feedback on trying to eliminate the problem again in future. This happened once January 2015 and twice in the last month.
My 2011 CX7 makes a whirling, whiney noise when accelerating and continues to make that noise any time you go over 20mph. I took it to the shop, they said its the rear differential. The fluid was emptied, refilled, and resealed. It still makes the noise, but is quieter. There were some small particles in the old fluid but they couldnt/didn't tell me what it was aside from metal shavings. They said at this point they cannot pinpoint the issue and to come back if it gets can I get this resolved???
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