2010 Mazda CX-7 Questions

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Tried jump start it and it didn't work. There is a clicking in the fuse box and the neddles on the dash are acting strange. Is this a security system malfunction and could replacing the siren fuse fix the problem?
So I have replaced All Plugs (Denso 5339) And all Coils (Karlyn 5104) Since this is the only brand Worldpac had available.
Anyway, after all this, I am still getting a check engine light on for the same Cylinder 3 Missfire.
I have replaced it 2× thus far and now I need another one
No condensation on the bulb so I'm not understanding
The power seat will move forward and backwards. I can lay the backrest down but it will not come back up!
Is it a fuse,switch or motor? If it's a fuse where would I find the right one?
I change the top gasket i need the timing diagram

Check engine diagnostic gave a P2009 code. 74K miles
Intake Variable swirl control valve. Dealer wants $335 to fix w/ note **Further system diag may be required after replacement.
Sounds like more costs to me. Please explain what this is and what the best plan for fixing would be.
When the A/C compressor turns on and I turn the steering wheel at the same time, the car accelerates way too much. I understand that the increase in power usage from the A/C and power steering pump causes the throttle to increase to maintain power, but this is just excessive. The shop adjusted the throttle back to specs and flashed the CPU but still having the problem. It has become a safety issue as the car lunges forward every time this occurs and if you are not firmly pressing on the brakes, you will hit whatever is in front or behind. Any suggestions? Anyone else had this issue? Dealer says there is nothing wrong since no codes appear and they have done everything they can think of.
Both headlights have stopped working but the rest of my lights are working fine. I checked the fuse and it looks like its working?
Idle speed wavers sometime but will surge when stopped at light ect
Its happening frequently..ever 5 10 min
I have the 2.5 Liter engine. Does the engine have a timing belt or chain? How often is the recommended replacement and how difficult? I've heard it takes "special tools."
I want to change the cabin air filter. How do I remove the filter cover?
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