2009 Mazda CX-7 Questions

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I have a turbo Cx7 81,000 miles. Two questions I have regarding some potential issues:
1.) I have a ticking noise when I press hard on the gas. It doesn't do it "sometimes" I press hard on the gas. It quickly clicks around 3 times (TICK, TICK, TICK) and then kick's in. Again, it doesn't do it all the time. I don't press hard on the gas a lot so I'm NOT sure what's causing the noise. I find it does it mostly when I have people in the car. Sound familiar to anyone?
2.) My car had a recall that was addressed a few years back. It would spit out white smoke. That issue was addressed. The problem I see sometimes is when I press hard on the gas and the turbo kicks in. It spits out a lot of grayish white smoke. This is also intermittent and rarely happens.

I have had differing opinions but nobody has the same problem with the same vehicle. I like the car but I'm getting the sense that the CX-7 turbo has a lot of issues. Especially as the car gets older. Should I sell this car if I want to avoid more issues?
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