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Is there a lawsuit, 3 active recalls with all 3 not offering a solution. Already replaced one motor at 50k now at 80k same problem.
Changed battery over a year ago. My license plates up 06/04. Since then the car will not pass GA emission inspection. The following non-continuous monitors not ready, Catalyst, Evaporative System, Oxygen Sensor. I have run car through drive cycle twice, put over 3,000 miles with exemption and had it at dealer twice, independent once.
2008 cx7 started to blow warm air yesterday. No weird noise. Compressor or rf134a needs filled? 82000 miles. No major problems before .
Gas and wen I got off I check my oil level to and it was very low could that be the reason y my engin light came on
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Changed the bulb. Changed the fuse. I read on a forum that since it is only the left brake light that it is probably not the brake pedal switch but not an expert here. Read to replace the brake light switch. but can't find a procedure to do that.
I have a 2008 Mazda cx7 my heater does not work does not overheat it stays at normal temperature at all time after warmed up thought it was a heater core so we flush it then we thought it might be the thermostat and replace that did not help! I NEED HEAT PLEASE HELP!!!
For the life of me my technician can't determine what is going on here. We've replaced the valves in question, put on new intake manifolds, cleaned and reinstalled the intake, but the CEL with P2004 still comes on. Before I go down the road of replacing the entire intake manifold on the car, I'd like to know what is happening here.

Is there a way to trouble shoot further to see what is actually causing the intake runner control valve to get "stuck open" (as the P2004 code suggests)?

Please help. The Dealership is ZERO help.
...but they claim they do not know what exactly caused the failure. After much back and forth I finally was able to get a copy of the diagnostics report which shows an error code of P0012. Please help! I feel like they are trying to scam me into repairs that are not needed. Vehicle was experience lack of acceleration and had a loud tick coming from under the engine. Oil levels were full upon drop off but engine sludge was present due to a faulty turbo (which has been well documented across multiple sites and from Mazda). Please help!
took my car in several times because the check engine light keep's coming on, was told it's the EGR valve. apparently the last time i took the car in it was supposed to be fixed. Now it's back in there again today and they are telling me it's the EGR VALVE and want to charge me $643 to fix it. And this addtitional warranty coverage that i purchased thru ZURICH insurance which was supposed to cover everything is yet again declining to pay for it. has anyone had this issue? I have only had the car for a year and 1 month.
I purchased a Mazda 2008 cx7 0n 2/13/14 from Mercer Nissan in Lufkin, Tx, it was a little loud but the salesman said that was normal, it started acting as though it was going to stop on March 8, 2014. i called the dealership and told him the car was acting funny and he said does it act like it want change gears and i said yes. He said the mechanics were out and wouldnt be back until Monday. I took it back and they listened and the mechanic said its the timing chain and there is a recall. i had to take it to the Mazda dealership, they had the car from March 11 till April 3. I took the car home and my boyfriend checked the car out, the radiator was loose and it has oil in the exhaust pipe. I took it back this morning which is April 4. The turbo has an oil leak, they forgot to tell me. What can I do?
G,day all,
My turbo stuffed up 11 weeks ago, took it to Mazda dealership where i brought it from, they put new turbo in at cost to me as it had run out of warranty. Got car wife drove it home they told her to bring back in 5000kms for oil change and check, after 3000kms it still was not right took it back 8 weeks ago and still don't have it they now say the motor is partially seized and that there is sludge and oil pick up problems that i caused by changing a couple of oil changes myself as i was out bush and busy, because it was not stamped in service book I am screwed. S we have car that we drove in but can't be driven now after 8 weeks, they said will cost us 8 grand for new motor that is on top of the turbo we just put in. Mazda Australia was no help they say nothing wrong with the CX7 model just all my fault, it has only done 130000kms should be just run in. So any advise out there would be great as we are not a cashed up family and can't keep giving Mazda money for a car that has issues.
Cheers Dave
and would it be necessary to replace the bolts & bushings ?
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