2007 Mazda CX-7 Questions

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o2 sensor reference voltage circuit high bank 1 sensor 1
I recently replaced the battery since the old one was "cold weather dead." After disconnecting the old one and connecting the new one, I attempted to crank the car. Put the key in, turn to "ACC" and the accessory get full power power. Turn the key to "ON" and all dash lights come on and cycle as they should. Turn the key to "START" and all power is killed and will not come on. turning the key back off or even removing will not restore the power. The only thing that will restore power is waiting a while with the doors closed or disconnecting the negative terminal and reconnecting. This immediately restores all power to all functions until attempting to start the car again.

The battery is good and the terminal connections are good.

I am stumped.

Karl in Kansas
The truck want drive a long time it start right up
I need to find the location of the transmission filter
Are there problems associated with this particular model regarding the Chain/belt issue?
Assuming that this model has a timing belt, when does the manufacturer suggest that the belt gets changed?
Hello, I have a 2007 Mazda CX-7, 2.3L engine. How can I resolve an error C1168? Thanks!
I have a 2007 CX7 and want to replace the timing chain, how much would it cost
If I'm going to sell my cx7 07 should I replace engine or rebuild it
Just replaced the timing chain in my cx7 as I had a loud engine knock/rattle.

It seemed to work and got rid of the noise completely.

Untill I put it in drive and accelerate.......... its a complete different noise from the first one very similar but different.

Any one else had this problem?

Water has been leaking I to the front passenger floorboard. I think it is the air conditioner could it be clogged?
i am now getting a camshaft and crankshaft coralation code and still have the code cam A very retarted which started this whole proublem.after chain and vvtc were changed the starter was spin over,but the crank pully was not tightened.the cams were set with the tool for alignment. activating the vvtc valve with 12 volts does not engage the vvtc.are there marks on the cam gear and vvtc for alignment and can the vvtc be put on any oriontation
how can I time my engine after replacing vvtc and cam chane if the crank shaft has been spun by starter
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