2003 Mazda B4000 Questions

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In bumper OEM fog lights stopped working. Replaced fuse that is supposed to control these lights. Still don't work. What could be the cause and what is the fix?
When I plug the wiring harness to the temperature sensor in the engine, the temperature gauge goes hard over right.
My a/c bearing is bad. I want to by pass the a/c compressor pully. I will replace the a/c in a few months. The truck is a manual and it is stalling and making a loud noice.
Heater blower is straining to run and sounds clogged. Mice attack our vehicles, so I'm thinking mouse nest in the blower assembly (happened on another truck we have).
checked alternator and wheel bearings and changed differenal fluid.
where is the pcv hose on my 2003 mazda b4000
what is the schedule for changing the timing chain?
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