2002 Mazda B4000 Questions

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Want to make it not cut off what or how doo make it not cut off
Hear a set of 5 chimes in a series, repeated 4 times.
I have a 2002 B400 truck. When I apply my brakes it feels like the ABS system engages and the brakes slowly drag for a few seconds and then the truck comes to a stop. I have been told by mechanic that the brakes are fine. Anyone have a second opinion or experience the same problem?
Truck chimes don't stop. Hear a set of 5 chimes in a series, repeated 4 times. This happens when we start the truck. Then stops. Randomly repeats same sequences every 20 minutes or hour...No door ajax light and seat belts are tied. No other indicater light/warning on the dash.
I have been told the ABS system does not activate below 10mph. Can someone clear this up?
When I brake easy, it goes to "mush" and pulls to the right. Mechanic says it's the ABS pump. Is this a common problem?
I'm replacing a transmission in a 2002 Mazda B4000?
Does this require any major skills. I priced parts and not expensive. How long can this go before causing other problems.
I'm looking to buy a nice, low milage b4000 with the 4.0 sohc engine but am concerned that it would have the timing belt tenioner problem like my 2002 ranger did.
I am getting water on the drivers side floor in the center under the mat; one dealer said the cowling drain might be plugged but i've no clue; they've said there's a tube and then others say theres no tube; found some info online about a seam that needs to be caulked; I'd love to be able to fix it if I knew where to start; any help would be appreciated as I can't use the truck in the rain in Oregon:(
When I use the selector switch, it will not go into 4 wheel drive
how do i replace the power window motor on a 2002 mazda b 400 pickup
cant find it not quite sure where it is located
My parking lights come on intermitedly even when the light switch is in the off possition. and the light beeping sensor goes off when the drivers side door is open.
For the past several weeks, the dome light stays lighted for an extended period (15 minutes or more) after the door is closed. This occurs both when I'm driving the vehicle and when it is parked and the ignition is off. The switch control at the dome light is in the the automatic position. When it is switched to the off position the light still remains on. How do I get the light to function correctly?
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