2001 Mazda B4000 Questions

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4w dr quit working..bought new control module and it worked again..however will not release from 4w low..disconnected c.m. still locked up..any ideas would be greatly appreciated..thank you
Hood release won't pop the hood. Pulling on the cable from under the steering column won't pop the hood. Hood is springy when pressed down, not frozen.

What's the best way to manually pop the latch?
Was told this by reputable service tech who did recent service. Am noticing a little dripping from steering, but nothing from pan. Steering functions well & engine oil doesn't get low (yet). Should I trust service folks or do they commonly bs on such things? Suggestions? Thx!!
After the shutdown the truck will not even try to crank
I have 2001 b400 4x4 there is no air blowing out of the vents at all I checked all fuses and relays any suggestions on what to do next. There is a problem with the day timer module that is disconnect now because there was smoking but I talked to the Mazda dealer and the said that the module shouldn't have any thing to do with the heater blower . Thanks
It's happened twice in the last 5k miles, but it will just stall for no reason. It starts right up, but can't figure out why it happens. I've had the A/C on either at the time or shortly before that (which I don't use very often), but can't figure out if that would cause this to happen. the repair shop found no codes when it happened the second time.

Thank you.
First my airbag light started coming on and staying on and flashing while im driving, however other times it doesnt come on at all, then the seatbelt light doesnt always come on now when I start up my pick-up, and now sometimes pick-up wont start and I have to put it in nutural with the ignition on to start it, now my cd player/clock radio has lost all power to it. Please help I need to know whats going on with it...
Makes a clicking sound when ignition key is turned. The "theft" light and "check engine" lights flash rapidly while I'm trying to start it. Just had a new battery installed in August, 2010. It did this once before about a month ago, then no more problems until this morning.
Some times when im slowing down or stopping my truck will stall. it idles and runs fine. when its warmed up it will idle at about 7 - 800 rpm. just every so often it will stall when i slow down or stop. it dont do it every time. maybe every other time i drive and it will usually only do it once when im driving it, sometimes more but not always. i have changed my air filter fuel filter coil pack spark plugs and wires and it still stalls. what am i missing?
trying to find the location of blower motor fuse
Horn want blow what do I need to do?
What causes a 2001 MAZDA B4000 4X4 Standard Transmission not to shift into any gears?
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