2000 Mazda B4000 Questions

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Smelled burning electrical. Windows stopped working, wipers stopped working, speedometer stopped working. Still starts, hesitating, and lights work
I replaced all plugs because it was running sluggish put on computer said #4 misfire how can I fix and what should it cost
Stops after engine is off. Uses approximately 1gal fluid a week.
It will crank and even start for a brief second then nothing, maybe fuel?
If I try to go at a steady speed it will start choking. When it happens I pin the gas and it will stop till I try to get speed or go at a steady speed. I feel it on the gas. It doesn't do it all the time but is becoming more and more. I have cleaned my mass air flow sensor, changed my vacuum hose. Does this sound like a fuel/air problem or a possible throttle problem? The gear shifting(automatic)is a little rough lately too.
fuse box shows numbers, dont know what numbers stand for, can you help?
Last night the windows and speedometer were working fine woke up this morning and no speedometer reading and windows not working how do i tell if a fuse is blown .
the overdrive indicator light is flashing and it feels like it's in 1st gear.
i would like to know how to take the little nailes off the drum so i can get the brakes off with out damiging the nails
2000 mazda b4000 pickup engine idles up and down like the air conditioner compressor is coming on then going off. truck runs good but bad gas mileage, 14 or 15 mpg, v-6. engine light won't go off. new mass air flow filter, 4 oxygen sensors, new gas cap, and fuel injector clean added. Still engine light is on. Code is P0174. What could cause lean air/fuel ratio? What does lean/rich/limit stop mean?
Any suggestions will be appreciated.
my 4 wheel rive in my pickup isent clicking in and staying in 2 wheel drive how do i fix it
2000 Mazda B4000 Pickup - replaced all upper and lower oxygen sensorS, replaced the gas cap and the mass air flow filter and the check engine light will not go off. Truck runs great but gas mileage is bad. What else could it be. I would like to do something to improve gas mileage since that is why I bought a small 6 cylinder pickup, Ford Rangers with theis size motors get almost twice what this truck gets.
pulled in the grocery store and when i came out the truck won't start it will crank but won't start no spark.
I've lost my only key can i change ignition myself or is this a dealer issue only?
My son had not started his truck for about 4 days prior to that it has been starting fine.Now we get nothing the dash lights come on but it will not turn over, battery has been tested,starter checked what next?
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