1999 Mazda B4000 Questions

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Why my manual mazda pickup 4x4 it jumps when i accelerate and then works ok my clutch oil looks black but never has gone low does it mean that my clutch is wearing off or my tranny is going bad? All my gears work ok
mazda front airbag sensor
Have extreme vibration 20 km + and would come and go. Main on set was from hitting a bumb on a highway or even the regular street. Had the transfer case replaced and everything was perfect for a mater of two weeks and it came back. Now the drive shafts is being balanced but still no idea on what has caused this. And I need a pare of 26 spline hubs for this truck because im and the driveline guys I've been to think my lines have a leak or even worse water in the lines does anyone have any ideas?
i have a plug going to rear diff wich i presume is a electric locker when in 4x4.only get 4 volts to connecter.does voltage come from switch or connecter at transfer case?
99 Mazda b4000 has a rough idle in drive, battery drains within hours. Tested alternator it's good n put brand new battery in.... What's causing this?
When I shift from third back to second or into first I can't get the truck into gear sometimes.
it just happened last night
nrrd to adjust rear breaks
Where is this located on my truck mazda b4000 4.0l 2 wheel drive
lost 4wd, pwr windows, dome light etc (usual Gem probs)replaced gem with spare..alls good except speed now limited. Anymore throttle opening and fuel pump replaced the original Gem with a new one, same running with original..no4wd, pwr windows
all the time
when I flip the switch to four wheel drive the indicator lights on the dash light up but the truck does not actually engage.
bought a 1997 B4000 with 120k miles. Rear end made grinding noise when moving from standstill, sepecially if turning sharply during startup. Also made clunk when stepping on gas and sometimes when breaking when the nearly stopped. Used car dealer said someone put in gear oil without proper friction additive. He put some in and grinding noise has gone away (except on very rare occasions), but clunk remains. Is this clunk indicating differental repair is needed? Dealer promised to fix the noise if it returned.
What is the procedure & difficulty level for replacing a front wheel bearing on a 4x4?
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