1996 Mazda B4000 Questions

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Dash lights show the 4x4 is working but still in 2 wheel May be a fuse or selector switch Need to know more info
Put in new computer and bezel per mazda dealer. bought truck in December 15 with passed inspection. all bulbs replaced.
leading up to the wheel locking up there was a sound like tennis shoes on a basketball court, only louder. it came constantly. now it rolls but at times slows almost to a stop
I have a 96 mazda b4000 i want to put a mass air sensor off a 3.0 LITER MUSTANG WILL IT WORK
Truck was going 30 in 3rd gear. Shifting into 4th the clutch "locked up" loud knock / dropping sound. engine started revving high rpm, then truck died. Does not turn over and clutch pedal is completely "limp" does not engage or have any tension to it.
I have a Mazda b4000 and it doesn't drive other then in four Low and you have to rev it real high. It can move in for high but while it's revved really high. Does this problem happen a lot with Mazda B4000s. Also it is a full world drive manual hubs and a 1996.
The scanner code P0320. Already replaced timing belt CKP and CMP sensors plug wires and spark plugs.
I have replaced the spark plug, spark plug wires , coil pack and fuel injector. but my scanner still detects a missfire on the number 2 cylinder. What else could it be.
Is there any advice on how to rest the engine light on a mazda truck
Recently, the battery died over night. When I tried to jump it, got lots of sparks when connecting jumper cables. I was able to jump it, but then the radio was dead. All other electronics work. No bad fuses that I can find. Removed radio, the wire that supplies 12v at all times is dead. The switched 12v at radio connector is working. Don't have a schematic. Any thoughts? Something loaded the battery down overnight and jumping it burned open the load/short.
My blower only works on high so I was told to replace the blower resister but I don't know where it is.
The window closes very slowly and sometimes stops completley. Must "help" it u=p by hand. Also, the passenger side power lock stays locked, can't even open the door.
where is the code reader outlet on my 1996 B4000 4.0 V-6
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