1995 Mazda B4000 Questions

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I had water put in my tank and I took my tank off and cleaned it and got new plugs, also cleaned my gas rail of water and air, put it back together and im stuck. Like I said the fuel pump works I tested it after I took tank off, all fuses are fine. just no fire between where u connect the fuel pump back to the distribution box
mazda b4000 1995
It slippes everyday, when accelerating. I have changed the filter and fluid.
replaced radiator and it over heats
can drive awhile get out and try to start and wont sounds like not getting fuel.runs good but does not idle right and abs light is on when try to start door locks go up and down what awhile and it starts
can drive for a while then when you turn off and try to restart want start acts like not getting fuel let set for awhile and will start also want idle right
will start and sometime it wont sounds like it is not getting fuel
I changed catalytic converter and still no power. What could be causing loss of power?
When I come to a complete stop it starts idol n awful and then dies. I have to put it in neutral and keep my foot on the gas and put down into drive to keep it going. It seems fine when I'm driving and the Rpms are high. Just replaced the starter, the alternator checked out fine.At first it jut died occasionally , but now it does it a lot. Don't know what it could be.
Was experiencing power failure so I replaced the converter. I still have power loss. Can't make it up an incline.
When switched on dashboard, 4x4 indicator lights come on and I hear an solid click from the transfer case area. However the hubs do not seem to lock in. I have cleaned and inspected the hubs. They do not seem to be damaged. What are my next troubleshooting steps?
i changed the right side plugs ,but cant see how to get too the left side plugs
i changed the right side spak plugs ,but can"t see how to get to the left side plugs
While getting estimates for my mazda b-4000 4wd. I received estimates rangeing from a low of $361 to a high of $488. After asking some questions I found when they looked up the price at a Midas store the price thier computer quoted was $450. They were surprised at the cost as they felt that on average this sort of work should run around $325. The issue is wheel bearings needing to be repacked and I assume races and grease seals. The bottom line is, A)Why should this cost so much? I've repacked bearings for years and its a 20 min. job.B) Is there something trick about Mazda/Ford Bearings? Is it really required to make the truck operational?
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