1994 Mazda B4000 Questions

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Guage in dash stuck on max temp. indication.

4wd will not engage

I lock the hubs into 4x4 push the Clutch and Brake and shift to neutral and push the buttons nothing lights up nothing happens

It will not start because it wont start

Once I start in 2nd and go to drive or overdrive it shifts great but will not start off in drive and have no 1st gear

Drove truck over heating,loss of power truck stopped running ,but off I let cool off then added water truck won't start back

So I hit a ditch line awhile back and I knocked my truck outta line. Well I got that fixed but ever since then it's been overheating. I tried that head gasket sealer stuff thinkin it was a head but I'm not really sure what it is or how to fix it. Any help?

So my passenger window works when it wants to and the driver window goes down but not up. When you roll it down you have to push it down and when you try to roll it up the motor tries to roll it up but it doesn't..

So I got stuck in the woods and I was told the spinning I did to try to get out was what dropped my pressure. I used to be able to hold brake and press the gas and spin but nowe it's nothing and I get horrible acceleration. Anyone know how to improve oil pressure enough to get better acceleration and to be able to spin again?

The switch on the dash wasn't lighting up at night so I went to the junk yard and got a new one and it lights up. When I press the switch, Low Range or 4x4 not happens. The night on the dash doesn't come on and the 4x4 doesn't kick in. Any help?

All of the new units have leaked either at hoses or radiator cap. Have checked fluids and they are clear. Testing was done by mechanic to see if head gasket was the problem - was negative. Pulls from reservoir slowly and can see antifreeze running down radiator and under truck.

need to know type pig tail required for connector?

Also jerky when in rev or starting in low or slow climbing hills. But jerky like not getting gas. Or tranny having a slip in start or low gas feed. Can't find any mech that can figure it out. Had friend get codes. 2wd model

I changed the shift solenoids module front pump fluid filter what could it be