1994 Mazda B4000 Questions

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I paid a guy to change my clutch when he brought it back the truck will not start with the key anymore, the turn signals don’t work, And reverse lights don’t work. What did he short out why he was under there or did he pitch a wire going to the starter
I am replaceing 5 spd. transmission on mazda b 4000 4x4 truck. Will the transfer case + extension box of 4x4 fit onto same 5 spd. transmission from a 2 wheel dr. vehicle by exchanging one to the other only or are other adapting components required
My brake light is always on, as well as the ABS light if that helps fix the problem. I have no broken fuses, and the only thing that I think it could possibly be is a low brake fluid level. Thanks!
a few hours and let it cool off and it will start back up and drive, this will happen every three day of driving it, the check engine light comes off and on, i notice before it cuts off it will starts to flutter band then dies, i try to start it back up and it will start back up and then it flutters and cuts off. could this be a oxygen sensor malfunction?
Problem occurred suddenly with no indication of it
The truck starts no problem first thing in the morning.. I drive it for 30 mins.. turn it off and try to start it again. It'll hesitate. Mind you I've changed spark plugs wires and coil pack.. passenger side plugs are whitish gray and the drivers sides plugs were dark and blackish. Smells like too much fuel is being forced to burn off. And I'm going through gas like nothing... sluggish through all the gears even at 40 mph in 5th gear still jumps around and acts like there's not enough of something or too much of something.. sometimes purplish smoke or close to an oil burn color then goes away after a while. What could this be?
This started after I heard a loud pop noise and the fuel indicator moved past the full mark..and has not moved since. Also a clear but oily substance is leaking from the front of the motor..hope you can help..Thank you for your time
Guage in dash stuck on max temp. indication.

4wd will not engage
I lock the hubs into 4x4 push the Clutch and Brake and shift to neutral and push the buttons nothing lights up nothing happens
It will not start because it wont start
Once I start in 2nd and go to drive or overdrive it shifts great but will not start off in drive and have no 1st gear
Drove truck over heating,loss of power truck stopped running ,but off I let cool off then added water truck won't start back
So I hit a ditch line awhile back and I knocked my truck outta line. Well I got that fixed but ever since then it's been overheating. I tried that head gasket sealer stuff thinkin it was a head but I'm not really sure what it is or how to fix it. Any help?
So my passenger window works when it wants to and the driver window goes down but not up. When you roll it down you have to push it down and when you try to roll it up the motor tries to roll it up but it doesn't..
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