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I have taken it to a transmission specialist and got green lights on every thing but for some reason when I hit around 75 or I slam the petal it sputters.. like it down shifts upshifts like hioping gears its not the transmission or the sparkplugs I think it might be the tps sensor any thoughts?
When trying to start truck it 1) cranks right up perfectly, 2) turn key and start is slow like starting with a bad battery but kicks over and starts 3)has a contious clicking noise, won't start 4) does not start have to push/ or jump start fires right up though. Have check most of the normal starting problems already battery Ect ect
I am a Saturday mechanic. My truck has been on the fritz for a few months now so I let it sit for about 3 months with not starting it.

I had problems with my truck running rough and a cylinder misfire. I replaced the dist. cap and plugs and cables but still giving a misfire. I also had chocolate milk in my oil which I believed was a leaking head gasket. I put a fresh oil change in and still problems.

Today I decided to work on it 3 months later. I was planning on using Blue Devil head gasket sealer. First I did a radiator flush with prestone flushing agent and water. After 30 minutes of driving it around and letting the engine reach temperature, the truck is running like the day I bought it. No more white smoke, no water in my tailpipe, no idling rough, no misfire, and no check engine light. Was this a cure? or am I just driving a ticking time bomb?

I plan on taking out the water and flushing agent and filling it back up with 50/50 solution later on today.
Steady throttle. If you punch down it will backfire and then accelerate
Started twice today. The third time it would crank but would not start. Let set for a couple of hours then tried again and still crank but would not start.
Let tHe truck sit for a few hours and it will restart with no problems. Have replaced the camshaft sensor. Problem still is there.
one mechanic said 80.00$ plus parts others 300 t0 500
Heres the story, fuel pump and filter were changed a few months back and every since its been throwing the check engine light. We assumed it was because the seal didn't go on properly. well now that my truck is throwing codes left and right, I looked into it and its not even the right fuel filter. Its a G9796 and im supposed to have a G1059, and so the lines move around on the filter and there is a little gas on the lines as well. Now with that problem would it cause a bunch of other codes to go off as well? Im throwing:
HDT catcalyst
Sec Air system
A/C Refrig mon
EGR system mon
P0306 & P0442
And I noticed there was somehow a funnel lodged in behind the oil filter as well. Will that throw codes too? PLZ help me!
Does it snap into hose connected to pcv or do it snap into its housing
Went to shop and was told I need to replace pcv tube. I have a check engine light on. I'm burning a lot of gas. No power after 80 with the pedal to the floor unless I'm going down hill. I'm also getting a code to replace oxygen sensor bank one and two. they have been replaced still getting same code.
We have checked wiring, freon, couch. Anything else I might ck?
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