1998 Mazda B3000 Questions

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My wipers, dome light, cargo light sometimes don't work, then they will work. The dome light will stay on when I get out of the truck and sometimes I'll have to get in the truck and move it before the light will go out. The door ajar light does the same thing but it stays one more than off. Driving down the road a beeeeeep alarm will go on for no reason and then go off. I have owned the truck going on 6 years now and this has always been like this. Anyone have any input on something like this?
I have checked fuses, relays and wires, and nothing. Signed HELP PLEASE
The shop manual list the specified fuel pressure range as 56-72. My fuel pressure is 31!
When you turned the engagement switch on you could here it click now nothing. could it be a solonoid, fuse or switch?
It has a rough idle loss if power and diagnostics say it has primary or secondary coil and 1 &5 are misfiring I changed coil plugs and wires with no help. Codes 301
Do you need a special tool to change the cmp
My 4x4 is not engaging when I switch over.Does that have anything to do with the Hard knocking whenever I am In 3rd and 4th gears?
Average cost of replacing the clutch and what all parts has to be replaced?
4X4 1998 B3000 Regular Cab. Have No 4 wheel drive engaging when I switch over High or Low could this be some kind of Vacuum?
Shifter is loose, causing ignition only to crank in neutral position. If so, how can I adjust?
I can lock my truck into 4 wheel drive from inside the truck by turning a dial. I was told that the piece behind the center cap was going to keep that tire from locking into 4 wheel drive. I dont know what the piece is called. I dont know if the entire hub needs to be replaced or if that piece is something that can be replaced. All I do know is that it was there before I went food shopping, when I came out it was gone. Now winter is coming and I have to find this piece to have 4 wheel drive. If I cant find the piece and must change the hub itself, can it be replaced with manual locking hubs?
after disconnecting battery and reconnecting coil; i wen tot try and turn the truck on but it seems as if their is a lot of slop from the key igition assembly. Could the linkage be broken? Dashboard lights remain on and when i turn the key to attempt to turn it on; i get nothing
a local mechanic said possibly the switch, but I'm thinking power is on or off in a switch situation. Any ideas of yours would be greatly appreciated. It's my friends truck and I thought we should try more freon.
asking about 98 mazda 4 wd problems what to check for.
worked once when i bought it..seen lots of rust underneath and pressurewashed it. replaced ground wire on both sides of frame, lubed back pully on transmission real good. now the light in dash wont come on or 4wd kick in.
i already did fuel filter , spark plugs and wires ,air intake and air filter , transducer "cam sync" , cam positioning sensor . yet i still have an idle issue but no longer an engine light so ???????????????????????? why would my truck idleing so high ?
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