1996 Mazda B3000 Questions

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When i start truck up and drive 20 and over and let off the gas or put on brake i hear a slapping or nocking sound in the rear of the truck what is it
replace leaking fuel tank
It does this every time I ouch in the clutch , I have bad gas mileage I don't know what to do
is the linkage bad are what ps help
I replaced the charcoal canister, vacuum switch, EGR, oxygen sensor and the gas cap to no avail. The check engine light has returned. I had the Knetchs sales associate again verify the code and it is again 1443. Problem is the computer is an idiot and cannot distinguish the difference between one failed component to another.
It happen every times we stop engine?
My windshield has a giant crack in it and i need to replace it but cannot afford a brand new one and need to find something comparable in the junkyard.
recently it locked up the front wheels, & i could only move fwd by locking hubs & going into 4wd. while this is happening the rear wheels spin trying to move goes backwards w/o a problem, even if frnt is locked. lots of noise under truck
I replaced my clutch,pressure plate,slave cylinder and clutch master cylinder. I attempted to bleed the air from the system but not sure whats happening. The clucth pedal has a little stiffness, but the truck will not shift into park or reverse without first shifting it into gear then start the truck and go. It will not disengage but will shift and drive after starting. what could be the problem? slave cylinder bad? clutch disc jammed? or just air in system how ca i tell?
Randomly I will turn the key with the clutch depressed and the struck won't start. If I let the truck roll a few feet then try it again it starts. Why? And how do I fix it?
Does the 1996 Mazda B3000 use an orifice tube or an expasion valve in their system?
The truck will get really hot and the check engine light comes on but it will eventually open and cool down. I got a new thermostat and still does the same thing.
How do I repair the full fil house on 1996 Mazda B000 do I need to remove the gas tank in order to replace the house kneek thank you
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