1995 Mazda B3000 Questions

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the adjuster in rear shoes broke and jammed between shoes and drum. replaced all parts and drum but makes growl noises then comes apart again, why?
i just put 5w30 full synthetic, is it ok to switch back to normal oil?
my 4x4 lights are flashing,after changing alternator yesterday . i checked all my fuses wont engage into 4 wheel drive
My 4 wheel drive stopped working could you te4ll me if and where the fuse is. I changed the switch on dash board and nothing.
How do you change the lights behind the instrument panel in the dash? The lights on the tachometer and speedometer need changing. They go out or don't come on.
Is there a simple way to shut off the check enginelight? I have had it checked and it is always on because the gas cap is not tightened properly, but i don't want to pay $75 to find that out again. Any ideas?
My truck will not go forward. I parked it and everytime I place it in drive it will jerk and die. It will go in reverse. I have been told it could be a wiring issue or a bad silinoid. Could you give any suggestions.
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