1993 Mazda B2600 Questions

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There are 5 wires that come out of the fuel pump and go into a plug to your wire harness. The wires pulled out of the half of the plug on the fuel pump. Need to know which wire's go where in the plug
it was running fine I did clean under hood a few days earlier but it ran fine after for two day then this happened
It has good get up and go lots of power- but when you shift it rakes a little when you change gears.
I have a 1993 Mazda B2600 with the stock 2.6L 4 Cylinder in it. The rockers are making a ticking noise like they are depressurized but when I check the oil level and all of the seals they are fine. The rockers themselves just got replace 1,000 miles ago so I know they're good. Previously when this nose would happen if I added oil then it would go away, but now my oil level is full and its still ticking. Does anyone know why they are making this noise and how to fix it?
Put two thermostats in it and a new headA new head gasket new head
We replaced the key and tumbler part of the ignition, and the MAF, and bypassed something to get electricity to the fuel injector. The truck starts and runs well until it gets warm then it begins to choke.
what should I b lookin for
Just bought truck, but was told this power loss happened quickly. All I replaced was the mismatched set of plugs with new correct.
plunger may have broke
The light(s) behind my instrument cluster went out recently and I want to replace them myself but I don't know how many lights are behind the cluster. Also, the lights behind my climate control panel and the fan speed and temperature dials no longer work either. I'm trying to figure out how many lights total are behind the dash.
overdrive light keeps blinking and when i press on the overdrive switch it still won't shift gears. Engine seems hotter then normal but no overheating problems. Should i replace the thermostat or radiator?
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