1992 Mazda B2600 Questions

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My 5.7 liter chev c1500 truck has a high idle of 1500 all the time. I changed iacv valve, the throttle position sensor, pcv valve and it still has high idle. Right now i have mass air flow sensor unplugged because it was running rough just until i get new one. What else can i try, would mass air flow being unplugged cause this.
The idle speed is approx. 2500 RPM when first start, doesn't drop down. Seems to run ok, and RPM' is OK, except when shifting, or in neutral??
I have a rattling or clunking sound from underneath the vehicle sounds like it's coming from the transmission area mostly happens upon acceleration also have trouble shifting through gears please help
The pickup when started will only go in reverse. You can not go forward. The man that had pickup said it would need a transmission. Is there anything else that could cause this problem?
Truck will run once in a while for about 10 to 15 minutes and dies and will not start. It has spark an the injectors are working fine. Replaced everything I can think of. Any ideas would be great.
When push on gas pedal starts stumbling wanting to cut out
Intermittent problem sometimes it runs fine but other times it will start fine and run for a few seconds then start to die and coughs and splutters the idle changes to 1000 rpm and wont rev over 2500 rpm no matter weather free rev of under load if you hold it flat it goes to 2500rpm and holds there and coughs and you can hear pops under the bonnet like a quiet backfire
They cant seem two find it . they charged me 500.oo so far and my truck still not starting to be
Do I have to remove the whole grille and if so how is the grille connected at the bumper?
Using a spray bottle, as long as I spray gas into the throttle body it runs fine. I put light on the injector powers and when they light up it try's to run. Help!
4x4 with 200Kmi. When backing up, the truck "hops" - that is it jerks violently. There is no hopping when moving forward.
I have had my truck for a little over a month and a half and it has quit while i was driving it three times in the past 2 weeks. I had it towed into a mechanics shop the day after it happened the first time, and it ran fine, and wouldn't quit. They put it on the code reader, and nothing came up, but they did change the water pump. Then, it happened again twice yesterday, and i have no idea why. I know very little about vehicles, and i don't particularily want to take it to a shop again, cuz i don't have a whole lot of money to spend on it.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
It is a 5-speed standard, if this helps at all.
no start installed new dis ,coil ,plug ,and wires still no spark does this truck have a main relay? any ideas what up
How do you change the front CV axle on a 4x4 Mazda B2600i??
will start and run but only running on 2 cylinders, replaces plug wires and the distributor cap but didnt fix the problem
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