1998 Mazda B2500 Questions

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from outside and that's even with taking kiddie lock off
I am trying to repair back door as wont open have removed inside cover of door but still cannot see how to fix this this vehicle was a prison vehicle and as you turned key on automatically locked back doors
I can pump the brakes up with engine off and the brakes work for about ten time then will go to the floor again.
Will fit in it ? Ivan get my hands on an 02 Nissan nivara ??
I was changing the timing belt and the picture I found on the marks had a mark on the oil pump pulley
I had to change a bad alt because battery got hooked up in reverse. The battery dash light stays on after ignition
it just seems that I am getting terrible gas mileage just bought a vehicle and was wondering why
My timing belt broke while on the freeway, I was going about 55mph. From what I could find out it is NOT an interference motor, so I figured the valves should be okay, but for some reason cylinder 1 and 4 won't close all the way now, but they move up and down freely, I sprayed a little solvent in them hoping there just a little dirty, other than that I have no clue wats wrong, because I thought there shouldn't be a problem with the valves? Any help is greatly appreciated

Thanks, mike
timing belt broke while driving at high speed?
it blows heat all the time and I hear the blend door flopping back and forth
I can't find my starter, where is it located?
AC is currently not working so I would like to repair and restore
the truck starts fine. As i'm going thru the gears from 2nd-5th it bucks like i'm running out of fuel. at a light or as i slow down it gets into a real rough idle and has sometimes stalled. I have replaced sparkplugs & wires; egr valve; egr sensor & plug; and both coil packs 2 days ago & still no better results. HELP!!!
This truck has an automatic transmission. and bumps really hard going fromm 1st into second gear. Does this truck have a vacuum mogelator for the transmission?
i have a 1998 mazda b-2500 5 speed it has no power and slipping in all gears.can someone please point me in the right direction. i have no power coming out of first gear and the rpms are very high. thanks
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