2006 Mazda B2300 Questions

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Need to replace the windshield washer reservoir but the air filter housing is in the way. I don't see an obvious way to remove it.
How do I find the fuse for the wipers?
no fuel in the fuel valve when checking valve
The fuel guage is at zero, all the way to the left of the guage.
is it the circuit breaker?
I put the key in, push the clutch to the floor, turn the key to the start and it sometimes does nothing. After several tries it may start up fine. The starter turns fine. Is this an ignition problem, clutch swith, or solenoid?
Truck only has 49,000 0n it.
dome light wont shut off dont know why...key is out doors shut
air filter assembly is blocking access to's plastic and don't want to muscle off and risk breakage. seeking disassembly info to replace bulb
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