2003 Mazda B2300 Questions

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i was hooking up a cd player and taking yhe stock one out. I forgot about unhookin the battery and i ended up sparking with one of the wires. Now my truck wont shift from park unless i unhook the battery. My dash lights and taillights quit working. But my brake lights still work And i checked all th fuses. Under th hood and inside.. wondering if it could be maybe a cilanoid?
Since the jump start the heat controls no longer work, the dash lights illuminate randomly,the vehicle is making screeching noises and loss of power when driving. Any ideas?
Anyone have problem with clutch/brake pedal linkage and bushings? Mine clunks when I depress the clutch pedal. It is definitely coming from the pedal pivot under the dash.
where are the bolts that hold the transmission in?
I have a b2300 mazada that will start off running then bog down to zero miles a hour after few minutes it run fine till you turn it off..i have had the fuel pump and filter check.they have check the mass air filter sensor any other possible solutions
tried jump start with Buick - more lights light up on dash, but same thing - click click click = won't start.
I cleaned the battery terminals and charged the present battery. Still, won't start. I need to know where the starter & solenoid are located, to remove and take to auto part store to test. Any comments greatly appreciated.
acceleration "jerky" but not constantly jerky, also jerks sometime at let off of accelerator. 73000 miles, 2.3L engine auto trans. no codes checked maf,fuel filter,tune up,trans. all ok where to look next and how?
the control is by the passenger side and is probably controlled by a motor.
i have a b2300 and it started missing pretty bad at idle but once i take off it drives good, it had a code for miss of course so i replace the plugs. my question is i can spray sum b-12 by the power steering pump and the idle picks up like it should so i replace the gaskets on the intake pletium. replaced hoses also, put everything back and it still does the same, has anyon ever had this problem? need alittle help thks!
i got sold wrong plugs but didnt look at the plugs when i put them in and ran it like that for a month then notice that i had the wrong plugs then changed it and still the same.. The first and 4th spark plug has black carbon on it so must be working .. please let me no what going on if i melted the pis tent rings.... oh and my muffler from the manaflod down to the end of pipe was bright red..
My wife just got a 2003 Mazda B2300 from her dad with 62000 miles on it. It ran great for about 650 miles, then it started missing at idle and when pulling a hill. Taking it out of overdrive doesn't help. Most of the time it will miss when at full throttle. A time or two it didn't. Also we ran a bottle of gas treatment through it. It didn't help. Does a bad coil pack cause these symptoms? Any suggestions would be appreciated.
The brake lights work and the clutch switch works. I can hear the steering wheel mounted buttons clicking but the speed control still doesn't work. Any suggestions??
truck has new battery, but my gauges fuel, temp, speedometer, rpm, oil and battery are not working. i have checked the fueses on the side of the dashboard all good. is there any other place i need to check?
after driving about 20 miles engine will not start when left over night it starts and then die again
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