2001 Mazda B2300 Questions

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The line is a u-shaped piece that carries coolant from the driver's side of the engine block to the coolant reservoir on the passenger side of the engine compartment by traveling behind the engine block. It also feeds the water valve, which connects to the inflow and outflow lines of the passenger compartment's heater core. The piece's metal section hangs on hooks located below the exhaust manifold on block's passenger side. It's a convoluted routing that seems to render replacement impossible without dropping the transmission or perhaps pulling the gear shifter. Does anyone have experience with this repair?
The indicator lights flash off and on, even after the key is removed.
oil was on the plug wire
change plugs-plugs wires coil pack and fuel filter its on a 2001 mazda truck B2300 series also abs light comes on brake fuel fine brake fine need help limited income can I get it tested without engine light being on
My truck currently does not have heat, but the air conditioner works just fine. My thermostat will rise in the summer time with the air conditioner running, but when it is switched to hot air, the thermostat does not rise at all. I occasionally hear a clicking coming from my glove box area, but it is not a constant. My coolant levels seem to be just fine. Help!
the higher I shift the worse it gets and everyonce in a while the check engine comes on? HELP IT'S CHRISTMAS DAY!
the starter turns the engine over, but it sounds like it's not getting any fuel. Sometimes it'll sputter like it wants to start and then dies. Under the hood there is a tag stating that "this vehicle is equipped with a fuel pump shut-off switch and if the vehicle won't start the switch may need to be reset. I don't have a manual (owners or otherwise) can anyone tell me where I might find it?? My email address is
My 2001 mazda b2300 is only blowing cold air. The thermostat does not come off cold, even after I've been driving for a while. Generally to my understanding you can replace the thermostat for about $5, but mazda only sells the entire housing for about $150. About a month ago I kicked on the heat, which was blowing warm air but there was a clicking noise coming through the vents. The clicking stopped along with my warm air. Please help! There is plenty of antifreeze and it has no problem actually blowing air out, just not hot air.
Climbed in my truck and out of the blue the truck started shuddering upon acceleration in 1st and 2nd and if the revs are not high enough in 3rd as well. There appears to be a "dead" spot. The shaking is quite noticeable in the gear stick and there is a loss of power on acceleration.
Do I have to drop the transmission to replace the clutch slave cylinder? Is this an expensive repair if done at service dept?
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