1996 Mazda B2300 Questions

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runs fine just need to know if it needs to be replaced
I can pump it but it wont stay for long. No leaks on master or slave cylinder
Had the alternator replaced, now I need a smog and its not ready
i was crossing through a a river that had water and the water was covering the diesel
filter and car just cut and could not start.

i only manged to start it the next day but the engine was vibrating and producing white smoke which only cleared after travelling about 30 kilometers. the car has power but now its producing a smoke and in the morning i tend to see a white smoke when i start the engine
my mazda 96 b2300 (smallest one)standard transmition stoped while driving it and turns over but wont start, for about 2 weeks before that,everytime i stoped on traffic lights it would start failing like if it really wanted to turn off but never did, and then, suddenly while drive at about 50 miles an hour, the truck turned off so a mechanic changed float (was not working working for ages) with its fuel pump and the main line that goes to the tank wich was leaking, so he though that could be it...guess what?, up to today still can't make it run.
Any experienced thought will be more then welcome, thank you so far.
I have changed the fuel pump 3 times in one month!!! What is causing the problem?
Fuse box is on side of dash on drivers side. When you pop the cover off theres usually a drawing telling you what fuses go to and what amp it is. There isnt anything there and under each slot is a number and thats it
I was reading a post on ( clutch slave cylinders failing . Well on the post are a couple more links that take me to something different. Maybe its the cheap tablet I'm using.The thought of installing an external slave cylinder does appeal to me . Hope someone out there is also interested. Please help!
Stays on about 5 seconds then stops. Doesnt happen often but today did it three times within 10 mi. What could be cause of this ?
I've have'nt owned my B2300 very long so unfortunately I know nothing of it's history. Odometer shows 223,000 but does'nt work. Changed the oil and held at full level for a solid couple months. Then to my surprise (because it does'nt smoke) the level dropped down 3/4 of a quart over a 2 week period. Can this have anything to do with the black film on top of the engine ,hoses, etc.? I can't touch anything and not have black hands. Where is my oil loss coming from with no leaks ?
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