1995 Mazda B2300 Questions

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Show me how I replace and parts and tools needed, for brake Master cylinder
you can put it into gear but will not move feels like no clutch and there is fluid after a couple of hours like after it cools down it will work again
Put it into gear before I start engine then it will drive like a champ
Put truck in gear before I start engine then in will take off like nothing wrong
When it gets hot I got spray starter fluid in the carburetor
Smelled anti-freeze in cab, replaced heater core and thermostat. Still no heat. Also since I've owned truck temp gauge has NEVER came above the "C" line. Replaced water pump and another thermostat. Still no heat. Replaced radiator and one last thermostat. Still no heat. Please help. There is no heater control valve on truck. Could that be the issue even though the heater worked previously?
It's no crank no spark situation I believe it's a 7.5 amp fuse. If somebody could please help me with this I'd appreciate it I will recheck the starter starter is good and I've continuously look for grounded out wires or broken split wires underneath the hood and behind the dash in the firewall
Heater stays on burn my feet while driving to work !!!!!
I have bought new master cylinder and slave cylinder and did bench bleed and gravity bleed. Still truck will not go into gear after I start truck. I have bled and bled both master and slave. What am I doing wrong.?
I put new plugs new wires new power fuel fuel pressure regulator.i just dont know what it could be...when I give it gas it back fires and wants to stall.please help
Check engine light is on and it came up with code p0340 changed it and reset it and the light is still on can you please advice?
Engine starts but won't hold idle unless gas petal is held down
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