1994 Mazda B2300 Questions

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UGH!! I just got this willed to me after my Cousin past away.. If i lose this truck i'll lose him all over again
When I back it down the fishing ramp, and its at an angle and then I try to go back up the ramp....the engine sputters and shuts off. After several tries, it sputters for a second or two and then gains power and goes up the ramp. It doesn't do this on a flat surface.
when i pulled off the pully on the crankshaft the pully puller i used stripped the treads where the center bolt went
Is there a secondary selonoid on a b2300? could it be a bad relay? It sounds like clicking noise is coming from the thing attached to the drivers side fire wall with 3 wires hooked to it. not sure what this is relay? I checked and cleaned all battery wires.It doesnt seem like there is power getting to the starter.please note i just replaced the hot wire (end) to the starter as i found it broken and not connected to starter replaced brass end truck still just clicks
I come to a complete stop n idles normal then Boggs down again ,,,, I'm Clueless plz help
Truck sat without being cranked for a year. Everybody says fuel pump. I changed the inline fuel filter, no help.
Installed a new oil pump still have no oil pressure the bearing are good and so is the shaft that come down to the oil pump... need to know what drives that shaft
1994 b2300 75000 miles
Truck was stalling and not starting when going on stop and go errands. Recently changed the fuel pump and filter problem now is it will stall when taking off from a dead stop however if the rpms are revved it will take off just fine. When stalled if fuel reply is pulled out and put back truck will start.
I need to know how to remove the dash board to get to the switch.
Driving down the road my truck will lose power and it seems to misfire. No problem while accelerating
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