1994 Mazda B2300 Questions

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no light is on, electrical system is new, give a little gas and its ok, when i press on the gas it gets worse. happened two days ago and is consistent.

My truck exhilarates when I put it in gear and it stay exhilarated when I take it out of gear

It cranks fine in the morning and then a long crank after I kill it for about 10-15 minutes but starts. Normally it won't start after I kill it for about 45 minutes. It eventually starts after waiting a random amount of time like 30 minutes to an hour. Would a leaking catalytic convertor or bad coil pack cause? Its not the starter relay, battery or alternator. They are all new. I'm at a loss.

What is the connector x309 for? What does it connect?

I the bottom tube is joined with nuts. I don't see a quick disconnect. I'm replacing the compressor and dryer and hope to replace the orifice before charging it. Please help.

stays on empty while switch is on ,and goes to 1/4 tank in off position , I changed fuel pump w/sender and it corrected it and worked for a while but now is back to the same problem ,is it in the pump or a connection ,thanks

Have just replaced spark plugs, wires, coil packs and ignition control module. Runs great but has occasional misfires above 45mph. Check engine light is not on????

I drained radiator and filled with water and flush chemical. IT said to drive normaly for 3 to 6 hours. Now the rusty water from coolant system is leaking onto passenger side splash guard from a tiny pipe. Why is this happening?

UGH!! I just got this willed to me after my Cousin past away.. If i lose this truck i'll lose him all over again.

UGH!! I just got this willed to me after my Cousin past away.. If i lose this truck i'll lose him all over again

When I back it down the fishing ramp, and its at an angle and then I try to go back up the ramp....the engine sputters and shuts off. After several tries, it sputters for a second or two and then gains power and goes up the ramp. It doesn't do this on a flat surface.