1992 Mazda B2200 Questions

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is the wheel pattern the same as a 94 ford ranger as it is on my 1992 mazda b2200
oil and still throwing blue smoke and brown when i excelarating i cannot figure it out i also replaced my cylinder heads and it also has trouble starting and runs rough misfiring it never done it before it use to smoke about ten minutes and goes away but now it is bad before it was bad but not as bad please give me advoce thank you
I have a 92 b2200 5sp. 2barrel carb with an electric choke that doesn't seem to have a female plug. I checked the back of the alternator for it but it isn't there either. It high revs until i hit the accelerator, but was hoping to find a permanent solution to this temporary problem.
Check engine light has recently begun to light up and go off. Is there any use to the multi-pin connector just under the dash left of the steering wheel? Can I use it to access codes? I need to locate problem asap, I'm pretty sure it's some kind of sensor that has gone bad...thanks for any help.
I just fixed my truck from having a blowed head gasket
A light blue, thick smoke is emitting from my tail pipe when I start it after an eight hour period of dormantcy. Why is it doing this?
The gas pedal cable won't stay in place so, it comes out frequently. Is this a costly repair?
when remove fuel from arrow side of filter, filter will fill from 1/3 to full.
Is the motor bad?Can you oil this motor?Also the transmision has a lot of play on one of the wipers.
Thank you!!
I've put cardboard in front of the radiator and the engine temp. goes up, but still just slightly warm air?
Motor smokes when started and when running. It is worst when giving it gas, what would cause this, would it be rings or the head? How would I find which one it is?
how to remove rear window on 1992 mazda b2200
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