1991 Mazda B2200 Questions

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going speeds of 75 mph pickup starts sputtering and slows down
I was driving home from work and truck started acting up it wouldn't idle when I press the gas pedal it shut off and won't start and batter gets drained
Problem started after the center council was removed and replaced.
The dash light seems to dim when the overdrive button is pushed on and off.
The B2200 has 146,000 miles and we are the original owners.
On the intake side of the heater core had broke where the hose connects to intake any suggestions on what could be done to repair this? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated thank you for your time.
air conditioner does not cool even with coolant. Heater works good and blower works on air.
it's really hard to just had new ball joints put on,and that wasn't the problem.what could it be?
clutch goes in but i cant move the stick shift into gear
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