2002 Mazda 626 Questions

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Cranks and dies immediately
Car runs fine. Only notice this after driving more than 20-30 minutes.
The automatic transmission in the Mazda 626 is basically garbage after 130,000 miles from what I'm finding. Is this the case with the manual transmissions as well?
it didnt have power going up hill then we took off fuel pump off and we replaced it. i already pushed reset button.
I have a 2002 Mazda 626 with a recent coolant leaks. If I maximumly fill the tank with fresh coolant, the leak is very slow, probably 1/10 per week. If the coolant level is below the half level, the leak is very fast. What is the problem? Thanks.
i allowed a friend to use my car. by the time he got back with my car it was on a tow truck and not working. it wouldnt start and there was oil everywhere when i popped the hood open. so recently i was able to afford to have my mechanic come and take a look at my car. he checked the timing belt, head gaskets, oil, fuel pumps and the list goes on. so he told me there was no problem with none of the above that i named. he went and started checking the spark plugs and as he was taking them out there was oil all over them. so he cleaned them and etc and put them back in. but the car still wouldnt start. im not sure what can be the problem. ive had my car for 9 months now and i would really like some answers or advice about the next steps that i can take to get this problem fixed and how much i am looking at to fix it.
put in timing belt water pump .seals. put damper on and crank senser . started and ran perfect. then installed all covers and belts and cleared codes . now it wont start ??
Any suggestions
I have a container of EZChill Auto Air Conditioning R-124a Refrigerant to go into my Mazda 626 but do not remember where the valve is on the car to attach the hose with gage. Where can I find a schematic or directions of correct placement. I did this last year but can't figure it out now? I have a slow refrigerant leak.
I have replaced the air intake hose, fuel pump, timing belt, water pump and over flow unit. stopping/starting car studders. must put in nutral at stop signs/red light. 151,000 miles.after short trips car seems hot & smell gas & exhaust.
I need to replace my valve gaskets or seals causing oil leaks but I check levels before driving every time and now after replacing battery warning light is on constantly or sometimes blinks. Extreme weather is making think oil is to thick what should I do?
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