2000 Mazda 626 Questions

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Original engine has 250,000 miles.
It is overheating and my one cooling fans does not run when needed . When running the AC it stutters badly and puts a huge drag on the motor
Can you help !! Plz
I live in a small town where the car performs fine, even up & down steep hills, but after I've been driving on the interstate for 25 or 30 minutes it begins to shake & jerk. The RPM's will go up suddenly, as if I've mashed the gas pedal to the floor and then it will jerk and act as if it's going to stall. If I turn the engine off for a few minutes it will do OK for a bit and then start all over again. I know it may be hard to diagnose the problem but any help you can offer would be appreciated. I'm a single, middle-aged female who lives alone so I need to keep this car going as long as possible, at least until I can get it paid for!
Mechanic changed cats, brakes, 2 sensors, checked vacumes are OK, engine is good..Car still misfires, feel like it wants to stall and dose from time to time...Can it be the computer it self.. Mechanic said it could be the computer,,,can that be it. I spent $600. already. Please help!!!
The car will start but won't stay running. I believe the pump went bad because I let someone use it and they drone it n empty all the time. I'm sure that's why te fuel pump went bad. Is there something I'm missing or by them running it ion empty messed u something else up? I can't afford to talet it to a mechanic as I'm disabled and can't afford the extra money at this time. I've told the person over and over again about driving my car on e. I've been told I was stupid and that's not true. I may be a girl but I'm not stupid. Now their driving my bronco and the same is going on. They put enough gas in it and always keep it on 1/8 or less and I'm worried my truck is going to get tore up and I have a diseasel that their doing the same thing to it and I was Tols It's a lot worse on a diseasel. Am I right abuout that driving on e is bad for the vehicle? And why when I replaced the fuel pump, filter, and test is in not running. It will start bit won't stay running. Am I doing something wrong or could something elaw be wrong? Please any advice with help. . Thank you,
Trisca Hilman. Thereally is a code and I think It's 0900. I looked it us and it had something to do with the fuel system bit it was Montana should so I don't really remember. I knew it was 0p00 or 0900

I was trying to clean the throttle body (and eventually the EGR valve) on my 2000 Mazda 626 ES V6.

I got into the throttle body, and noticed that the gasket was virtually black and the top part disintegrated the second I opened the manifold.

I tried to remove the whole throttle body (to get to the valve easier) and couldn't quite get it lose. I think the coolant hose below the throttle body was still attached.

It was getting late, so i resigned to just leaving it, putting everything back and getting a new gasket to install later when I pull it apart again to clean everything for sure.

However, when I put everything back and started the car, I got this awful idle:

My guess would be that there is a vacuum leak (because of the gasket) which is causing the rough idle, or maybe the throttle valve got stuck with the buildup (there was quite a lot, as my car has 230k miles) and can't move as it had before I opened the throttle body up?

Or maybe because I didn't retape the intake manifold there is a vacuum leak there (I was going to retape it after putting a new gasket on).

Reading all of the other posts, I realize that I may not have had to remove the entire throttle body to clean it, but that wouldn't solve the problem of the gasket.

As an aside, I gave the throttle body a little effort when trying to get it off... potentially jerking the throttle cable wouldn't cause this, would it?

This is a bit scary for a novice like myself and any help would me much, much appreciated.

I had to briefly reverse and drive my car in the driveway, and it didn't seem to lose power, but the idle was definitely pulsing and rough.

The car would also start up fine and sound fine for the first few seconds, then the pulse would slowly kick in. Lastly, I might have inadvertently touched the air bypass screw, but I later tightened it all the way and loosened it as much as I could with the same result.

Thank you so much,

i just replaced the timing belt on the car everything lined up perfectly, also replaced fuel pump that was bad. i tried turning it over cranks but will not start put starter fluid in throttle body and tried starting it again but failed once again went to muffler and smelt only starter fluid and no gas, but i checked the fuel lines its getting gas to the injectors and all cylinders have spark, but the car wont start. if anyone could please help me i would really appreciate it. thank you.
Replaced spark plugs(ngk iridiums) wires air filter and fuel filter. Also cleaned egr, egr ports in the intake, TB, and maf. Ran great for thirty minutes. Cel is still flashing. Oil smells like gas. Doesn't smoke. Won't go over 2500 rpms after being driven awhile(feels like its flooding)
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