2000 Mazda 626 Questions

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some time the gear hard to change when am on the speed.
Man i bought used car from said i need new lock for wheel to change rear brake pads
Have changed plugs leads coil pack crank sensor and cam sensor as well as air sensor connected to.air filter
The alternator needs replaced.. I can only. Find an alternator from a Mazda 323.. Will it work?
There is gas in it and it just hit 2000 miles. This is the first time it happened. No check engine light is on and checked the spark plugs already
I took the car to get an oil change and when i got back home and turned it off and tried to start it again it will not crank at all. A friend told me to replace the main fuse under the hood and it keeps blowing. Could it possibly need a whole new positive battery cable? Thanks in advance.
I need a yearly emission inspection
I replaced the crank pulley and in order to keep the engine from starting I unplugged the coil pack. The engine ran just fine before I unplugged the original coil pack. Now even with new coil pack I get no spark. what could it be?
Key is spare not the original key turns over will not fire
I'm installing a remote start system in my car. The remote comes with a trunk release button. Where would I find the cable I need to connect to in order for this to work?
I have canister that is labeled fuel pressure valve in the only diagram that I could find with it in the specs. but I can't find that anywhere I search to find a replacement part. found the tank and everything else. I broke one of the hose connection tubes and need to get another so I can finish reinstalling the tank now that I've finish replacing the fuel pump and have the tank ready to go back up
Not blowing cold air
I rebuilt the transmission and now it won't go into reverse when I put in reverse its like its in park. When its in second and about to shift to third the transmission starts to slip and slows down. Also the over drive light flashes
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