1999 Mazda 626 Questions

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Do the sensors reboot them selves or what do you have to do to getting them to work or replace?how much money?
periodically, like once a day, when I take off from a stop light, the car will not come out of 1st gear, and also the speedometer just lays on zero. I can stop and manually place the gear shift on low and then change gears manually until I reach normal speed. But then it will react normally the rest of the day. This has happened three times now in the past week. I checked the transmission fluid and oil and they are okay. what would cause this?
Any time, only at start up, and it doesn't show up again until the next start up.
stays running after shut off
how to used screwdriver to arch a starter
my starter clicks and i need to know how to arch it to sree if it will spark
It backfired once when I tried to start it
my check engine came on i took it to advance auto they told me to replace the egr valve so i did check engine light came on again they told me to replace the egr vacuum solenoid but we were unable to locate it on the motor we looked everywere on motor anybody no were it is thanks
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